Good luck (Streak of Luck) is a video slot machine that should be played by more people, and it turns out to be great. In essence, this is a fascinating game that attracts you and provides you with plenty of opportunities to win major and significant expenses. When broken down one by one, "Streak of Luck" looks like a game full of excitement enough to keep players on track, but does it have the ability to win classic status?

If you manage to get three lucky sevens, you will get a huge multiplier of 200 times the original amount, which will definitely destroy the funds. The wild symbol can fill any other symbols on the screen, except for scatter symbols or bonus symbols. You can get some free spins by winning a winning streak, because you can earn up to 60 free spins and should be able to jump from a winning combination to a winning combination. The longer the winning streak, the more spins you get, which will undoubtedly make the game more interesting. When you win and accumulate bonuses, it can also bring you a greater sense of accomplishment.